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“What a great website you have!  I am an RN in Ontario with an interest in women with heart disease. I too was shocked and appalled upon realizing the disparity that exists between the research and care that has been provided for women with heart disease in comparison with men. Once again, congratulations on a wonderful resource for all women.”

Sheila Rizza, RN, BScN, CNCC(C) MN (c)

“We love your blog. We’ve been getting e-mails about it from Heart and Stroke Foundation staff across the country. You have a very loyal following at the Foundation! I just wanted to let you know how much we value your efforts to educate women on this important subject.”

Kathryn  Sutton, Heart and Stroke Foundation, BC & Yukon

“The best heart blog on the web. This one stands out. The articles are well-written, with reliable information in a good-looking website. I will be linking to more of these articles in the future.”

Dr. Steve Parker, Cardiac Psychologist, Alaska

“When Carolyn Thomas notified me that an article I wrote on Five Tips For Living Well With Chronic Illness was going to be featured on her blog, I was thrilled!  I love Heart Sisters and it is a real honor to be mentioned here. Whether you are coping with heart disease, another chronic illness or are dealing with the chronic issues of living, you will find a caring and understanding voice at Heart Sisters.”

Dr. Elvira Aletta, Clinical Psychologist, New York

“You inspire me. Your wisdom, experience, knowledge about not only cardiac health but life in general contribute to an awesome website! You are a Canadian heroine.”

Dr. Barbara Keddy, Professor Emerita, Dalhousie University, Nova Scotia


Heart Sisters is a terrific resource for women’s heart health, and a great-looking website.”

Suzanne O’Malley, Senior Research Associate, Yale University Heart Study


“I can’t say enough good things about the Heart Sisters blog by Carolyn Thomas.  CT, a heart attack survivor-turned-heart health evangelist, offers women (and men) clear, concise and personalized information on our leading killer. Kudos to you, Carolyn. Your work is soothingly anti-inflammatory. Serving the greater good always is.”

Dr. John Mandrola MD, Cardiac Electrophysiologist, Kentucky


“You are doing a dynamite job.  I love both of your blogs a lot, read every new post – and learn tons from you. You help people to assume responsibility for their own health, while teaching them to trust themselves above anyone else.  I’m very impressed with what you have done. Keep on doing it!”

Dr. Ruth Simkin MD, Victoria, B.C.


“Determined to improve women’s heart health and help reduce the number of misdiagnosed or delayed diagnoses of heart attacks in women, Heart Sisters offers news, heart health information, a killer newsletter, and a seriously cute site design. Check it out to see why women need blogs like this to stay heart healthy.”

Healthlines, 10 Best Heart Disease Blogs of 2012


“Clearly a project of care and passion. While not a trained physician, Carolyn possesses a tremendous ability to communicate with clarity. Her website is beautifully designed and definitely worthy of our ‘Best-of’ list.”

Pacific Medical Training, 2012 Best of Cardiac & Heart Websites


quotes“I’m so impressed with your website. I’ve been a heart patient for 20 years and I have never seen such a comprehensive,  patient-oriented addressing of issues – and I’ve been looking for a long time. Kudos to you!”

Joanne McIntosh, heart patient


“Love the website. Critical, but warm-hearted and funny. Thank you!” 

Richard Gamlin, Senior Nurse, Marie Curie Cancer Care, U.K.



“I think Heart Sisters should be required reading for all cardiology fellows.”

Dr. Iris Thiele Isip Tan MD, Internist-Endocrinologist, Manila, Philippines


“Your website really is terrific.  You write more – and more in depth – on cardiovascular disease than any journalist in the mainstream media.”

Anne Mullens, health journalist, editor, author, Santé Communications Group


“Carolyn Thomas at Heart Sisters has a good and highly critical eye – the patients’ perspective to keep you on your toes.”

Dr. Amer Johri MD, Cardiologist, Queen’s University, Ontario



quotes“My name is Paul Maher and I am writing to thank you.  I had a heart attack and cardiac arrest at the age of 41.  I went online looking for information, but found all of it was geared towards the retired community.  One site I did find was yours, and it inspired me.  I liked that you were focusing on a specific audience: women with heart disease.  That’s when I decided to start my own blog, focused on younger victims of heart disease. Again, thank you for your site and your inspiration.”

Paul Maher, heart attack survivor, HeartGeek


quotes“When I feel myself sliding too deeply into despair, I go to your Hearts Sisters site and scan for topics that meet my ‘burning need’ of the moment. Your writing always gives me some fight. . . good energy.  I thank you for that.”

Jaynie Martz, heart attack survivor


quotes“I know you by your writing, and I consider you provocative but very fair – your columns are more about light than heat, and that’s one reason I think you’re so respected.”

John Novack,

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Hurray! I was one of 20 people from seven countries honoured by Our Bodies Ourselves for our advocacy work in promoting women’s health



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One of Healthline’s 10 Best Heart Disease Blogs


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