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Your daily planner for heart health

3 Jun


I loved Megan Griffith-Greene’s ‘dawn to dusk’ daily planner piece in Chatelaine recently listing small ways during your average day that you can improve your heart health – many of which I’ve already written about here. Hour by hour, Megan shows you how these small ways can all add up:

7 a.m. – BRUSH YOUR TEETH: Good oral hygiene is not only good for your social health – gum disease increases your chances of heart disease. Researchers think that when bacteria run amok in your mouth, they can travel through the body and cause inflammation elsewhere too.  See also:  Flossing, Brushing and Heart Disease

8 a.m. – EAT YOUR BREAKFAST:  Start the day off properly with some fibre-rich oatmeal topped with antioxidant-packed blueberries, both of which are associated with heart health.  See also:  Why A Good Breakfast is Good For Your Brain – And Your Heart

9 a.m. – POP A PILL:  Take a capsule of fish oil for its heart-smart omega-3s, but skip the daily low-dose Aspirin unless you are over age 65.  It’s not advised for healthy premenopausal women and can increase your risk of internal bleeding. See also:  Should Women Take A Daily Low-Dose Aspirin to Prevent Heart Attack?   Check out the rest of the day’s heart-smart activities!