Misdiagnosed: women’s coronary microvascular and spasm pain

Heart disease, like cancer, is not one but several disorders. And at least two of these disorders are far more likely to show up in women than in the “Hollywood Heart Attacks” of our male counterparts. For all heart attack survivors whose debilitating cardiac symptoms may have been blown off by uninformed medical staff because of “normal” cardiac test results, I’m happy to share this useful list of credible resources about microvascular disease and coronary artery spasm, thanks to a persistent Australian woman who survived her heart attack at age 51 – despite having no coronary artery blockages.

European women face the same cardiac gender gap we do

European women experiencing a heart attack are treated later than men, they are treated less intensively, and they receive less medication and information when they are sent home from the hospital. This cardiologist lists six distinct problems preventing European women from getting better care and treatment for heart disease – and they may sound very familiar to women here in North America.