Revisiting: “All I want for Christmas is NOT in a gift box”

by Carolyn Thomas     ♥    @HeartSisters 

My family tells me I’m “impossible” when it comes to picking out a gift for me. I am rarely able to offer them even a single helpful hint. Instead, I plead with them most years not to buy me “more stuff”.  I don’t want stuff. One only has to visit the average yard sale to witness the inevitable future graveyard of all that stuff. Bread machines. Chia pets. Exercise bikes. Any kind of candle. Aside from absolute necessities of life (like groceries or my paper crafting supplies), there are few things I now need, or even want.

Well, there are things I need and want, but hardly any of them come from a store or in gift boxes. I made a list of these last December – let’s revisit that list to see if Santa was paying attention.        Continue reading “Revisiting: “All I want for Christmas is NOT in a gift box””