2021 posts

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Most-read Heart Sisters posts from a crazy year

Why you must stop saying “Well, at least. . .”

Saying the word “misdiagnosis” is not doctor-bashing

Cardiac research and the mystery of the missing facts


The weirdest stuff I’ve learned about women’s heart disease

Women’s heart disease: wrong symptoms, wrong words or wrong diagnostic tools?

Bereavement eating:  does grief cause carb cravings?

Heart disease: decades in the making

MARCH 2021

A children’s book about living with an open heart surgery scar

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APRIL 2021
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MAY 2021

When heart disease wears a smile

When we expect to die, but don’t

Heart attack symptoms: what women expect vs. what we get

Change your story, change the storyteller

How could YOU – of all people! – have a heart attack?

JUNE 2021

Panic attack – or heart attack?

Why your own story is not scientific data

A tale of two studies – 268 years apart

This is your heart in hot weather

JULY 2021

Did you underestimate your cardiac risk?

Heavy menstrual cycles and those anticoagulant drugs you’re taking

Post-COVID handshakes: dread or delight?

Learn or Blame: when mistakes happen in medicine


Why patients don’t have admin assistants

Dear Carolyn: “I couldn’t tell if my pain was ‘normal’. “

2021 Summer Blogging Challenge:   Six questions from Nancy about my blog

How I used to describe SCAD. And what I’ve learned since.

“Be alert to both the absence of normal as well as the presence of abnormal”


Women’s misdiagnosed heart attacks:   the COVID long-haulers of cardiology

Precarity:  the perfect word for our times

Good anxiety: is that even possible?

Walking away vs. trying harder:  quitting revisited


The bumpy road of the freshly-diagnosed

Behaviour change: if it’s so ‘easy’, why do so many studies show it won’t last?

“Do I belong here?” Unintended barriers to cardiac rehabilitation

False hope:  better than no hope?

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New chest pain guideline: “atypical” is OUT!


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Diagnostic uncertainty:   when we just don’t know

Revisiting the “widow maker” heart attack

Dear Carolyn: “I take issue with the heart attack terms STEMI and NSTEMI”

Unseen, unheard:  the commonly shared lived experience of patients


When patient ’empowerment’ means doing the heavy lifting

Revisiting: “All I want for Christmas is NOT in a gift box”

You’re not always going to feel this way

Top 10 most-read Heart Sisters posts from 2021

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