It’s a BOY!


by Carolyn Thomas      @HeartSisters

Wonderful news for our whole family this weekend – my only son now has a son of his own! A beautiful healthy baby boy, Zachary David Dunn, was born at 6:46 p.m. on March 27, 2021, weighing 8 pounds 8 ounces – a second grandchild for me (his Baba), a fourth for Grandma MaryAnn, a sweet baby cousin for Everly Rose, and the long-awaited precious first baby for ecstatically happy parents Paula and Ben, who are exhausted but thrilled!  Mum and babe both doing well. I can’t visit them in person or hold my little grandson because of COVID-19 precautions, but I can have a “window visit” from the hospital parking lot today!        .       .

Too excited and distracted to write anything more today, other than “Grandbabies are the best therapy for heart patients!”   Life is good. . .

Q: Are you a grandparent too? What do you love most about this role?

BabyZack9daysOldMoonAndStar copy

We are over the moon!    Baby Zack – nine days old

NOTE FROM CAROLYN:   On the dedication page of my book, “A Woman’s Guide to Living with Heart Disease (Johns Hopkins University Press), I wrote to my first grandchild:

  “To my darling grandbaby, Everly Rose: On the day you were born, one of my Heart Sisters blog readers predicted, ‘This precious little child will do more good for your heart than anything your cardiologist could ever prescribe for you.’  She was right!”

This book is available at your local library or favourite bookstore (please support your local neighbourhood shops!) or order it online (paperback, hardcover or e-book) at Amazon – or order it directly from Johns Hopkins University Press (and use their code HTWN to save 30% off the list price).

40 thoughts on “It’s a BOY!

  1. Congratulations! How wonderful! (I’m behind on reading… hope you enjoyed your window visit.)

    – Cheryl

    Cheryl Strachan, RD, MBA Registered Dietitian
    Sweet Spot Nutrition

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    1. Thanks Cheryl! Our window visit at the hospital was a bit of a bust – the hospital’s windows have some sort of anti-glare coating that makes it impossible to see through them. We hadn’t expected that! I could barely make out a white-ish blur (that was Paula) and a tiny white-ish blur (that was Baby Zack) – so instead Ben came outside to stand in the rain with me, and we made a FaceTime call to Paula inside. So I did get to see a close-up of his cute little face! Yesterday was his 12th day birthday and I got to visit him IN PERSON at their home (masked and scrubbed of course). 🙂

      Take care, stay safe… ♥


  2. Congratulations, Carolyn! I miss my grandsons’ younger years, a time during which I was known as The Baby Hog, because once I picked them up I wasn’t likely to put them back down.

    What I’m enjoying now is watching them mature into fine young men with lives of their own. I wish you many years of wonderful experiences with your Everly Rose and Zachary!

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    1. Thank you, Pat – the “Baby Hog”, I love that!!! Every stage of grandparenthood is special, of course, but that infant/toddler period is golden. I often tell our 5-year old granddaughter Everly Rose that I plan to put bricks on her head to keep her from growing so fast.

      But I absolutely adore 5-year olds, and we have such FUN together! Last week, I taught her to sew and since then, she’s spent hours sewing little colourful scraps of felt together, quickly moving on to sewing mobiles and felt pizza slices. This is also the golden period – when they think spending a whole morning with grandparents is the most wonderful thing ever! *sigh…*

      Take care, stay safe. . . ♥


  3. What a wonderful blessing for your entire family! GRANDS bring new life to families. I hope it won’t be too long before you can hold Zachary next to your heart. It is like their hearts beat in tandem with ours. They are truly healing. I finally got to see all of mine together in over a year. Be blessed.

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  4. Hi Carolyn,

    Such wonderful news! Congratulations to you all! I hope you’ll get to see and hold Zachary before too long. I’m not a grandparent yet, but someday, hopefully.

    Enjoy this special time, my friend. x

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    1. Thanks Nancy – all of my girlfriends (who already had grandbabies) had been telling me for years, “Wait until you have a grandchild!” They were so right… It’s the best. ♥


  5. Congratulations to Baba Carolyn and family on the safe arrival of Zachary! Just what you needed…a joyous occasion after a bleak year. Wishing all of you all the blessings of the Easter season.

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    1. Yeah for all on a great grand entrance to the world! We opted out of having children and are the best aunt/uncle we can be, and our parents fell for every rescue dog as the granddog! BTW, I’ve added to the book reviews on Amazon that yours is the best womens cardiac book to read and also follow on the blog.

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  6. Congratulations Carolyn! I do so love Babies in their joy and innocence, wonder and cuteness! It makes me smile just thinking about your new grandson! My grandchildren are now 18 and 24 and live in another state. However, when they were small they and their mom lived with me… So I got very close to them.

    What I liked was creating special times that were just between us when mom wasn’t there. Some times serious, sometimes playful but always special.

    And then when I was tired they went back to mom. I think grandparenting has the best of parenting without the strain that is part of 24/7 parenting best handled by a younger generation.

    Blessings to Zachary and his parents!! Enjoy!

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    1. Thanks Jill – we’re SO lucky to live close to our grandkids, no matter how long or short that time. It’s so precious, that sense of “creating special ties just between us”. Like last week, I taught 5-year old Everly Rose how to sew, and she’s been sewing little scrap pieces of felt together like crazy ever since! I have nothing but time to be with her while she explores the world…. ♥


  7. Congratulations Carolyn! Such happy news!! Much love to you, Ben, Paula and your whole family. Welcome baby Zachary! You are lucky to have such an amazing Baba! xoxo

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  8. Congratulations Carolyn!!! I’m sure I’ll run into the family soon in the hallway! Wonderful news!!! ❤️❤️❤️🧸🍼🤱

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  9. Hearty congratulations to all, Carolyn! Enjoy your new little bundle of joy, however you are able to now with the hope of ever-increasing contact!

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    1. I agree, my grandchildren have brought me pure joy. When I had my heart attack and I was having my stents in, I hummed the song I rocked my grandson to sleep with, Holy Mary, Mother of God. He is what got me through. God Bless you and your family and may Zachary David bring you all joy and laughter🍼🍼🍼


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