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♥  My posts picked up by MedPage Today‘s include:

♥  Heart Attack Symptoms in Women – In Their Own Words

♥  Patients Are Not to Blame for Miscommunication About Cardiac Stents

♥  Five Rules for Living Well with Chronic Illness

♥  Being a Patient is an Unforgettable Form of Medical Education

♥  What Patients With Heart Disease Can Learn From Cancer Patients

♥  The Power of Engaging Peer-to-Peer Health Care

♥  Physican Burnout: Don’t Blame the Patient

♥  My posts for the British Medical Journal (BMJ) include:

  Carolyn Thomas: Why Physicians Must Stop Saying: “We Are All Patients – BMJ

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  Carolyn Thomas: My Experience of Patient Peer Review BMJ

♥  Carolyn Thomas: Yet Another Cardiac Risk Calculator? BMJ

What I Wish I’d Known Before my Hospital Discharge – BMJ

.♥  My posts picked up by Better Health’s Grand Rounds include:

 Make Time Now, so You Can Have Time Later

♥ What We Can Learn About Medicine From Watching ‘Grey’s Anatomy’

♥  Should Heart Patients Make a Bucket List?

♥  It Wasn’t Heart Disease – But What Was It?

♥  Why We Keep Telling – and Re-Telling – Our Heart Attack Stories

♥  Surprising Trends in Women’s Heart Disease

♥  How Did This Heart Drug Get Approved In The First Place?

♥  How To Be a “Good” Patient

♥  My posts picked up by The Center for Advancing Health’s Prepared Patient® Forum  include:

♥  A Patient Responds to What ‘Experts’ Say About Patient Engagement

♥  Caring for the Whole Patient

♥ Confessions of a Non-Compliant Patient

♥  Is Your Doctor Paying Attention?

♥ “We are all patients.”  No, you’re not

♥  Medical Jargon: Do You Need a Translator?

♥ Looking for Meaning in a Meaningless Diagnosis

♥ Patient Engagement? How About Doctor Engagement?

♥ “Healthy Privilege: When You Just Can’t Imagine Being Sick

♥  When You Fear Being Labelled a “Difficult” Patient

♥  Study: “91% discharged from hospital without care plan”

 “I Care About You” – and Other Things to Say to Sick Friends

 Why You’ll Listen to Me – But Not to Your Doctor

♥  A Second Opinion from Dr. Google

♥  Do Patients Really Hear What Doctors Tell Them?

♥  Is it Post-Heart Attack Depression – or Just Feeling Sad?

♥  When Patients Demand Treatments That Won’t Work

♥  Other published guest posts include:

Patient Perspective: When Doctors Use Words That Hurt Cardiometabolic Chronicle (see pages 29-30)

When Physicians Have the Power to Sting or to Support – The Patient Revolution

♥  How Becoming Ill Is Like Moving to a Foreign Country – (originally published here in my essay “Welcome To Your New Country”) – The Mighty

Why Health Care Providers Shouldn’t Say “We Are All Patients” (originally published here in my essay “We Are All Patients. No, You’re Not”)The Mighty

“Experts by Experience”: A Compilation of Patient Stories e-book (my essay “Welcome To Your New Country” is on page 8) – Stanford University School of Medicine/ Inspire

Why Gender Matters When it Comes to Heart Disease World Heart Federation on World Heart Day 2015

How Women Can Tell if They’re Headed for a Heart Attack – World Heart Federation on World Heart Day 2015

♥  Welcome to Your New Country: A Heart Patient on her “Travels” With Heart Disease – Stanford School of Medicine SCOPE

♥  The Day I Made Peace with an Errant Organ

  Misdiagnosis: Is it What Doctors Think, or HOW They Think?

♥  When Drugs That Help Turn Into Drugs That Harm

♥  Why Does Your Arm Hurt During a Heart Attack?

  Heart Sisters: A Patient Voice in the Fight Against Heart Disease in Women

 10 Things I Didn’t Know About Angioplasty Until I Read This Book

♥  Self-Tracking, Skinny Jeans and ‘Stark Raving Narcissism’: When the Elephant in the Room Has No Smartphone

  Engaging Patients In Care Planning – What Providers Say And How They Say It Matters

♥  Patient Privacy, Modesty and Staff Burnout

♥  How To Turn A Condition Into a Disease by “Selling Sickness”

♥  Top 10 Tips on How to Treat Patients

♥  Experts: Why So Wrong So Often?

♥  “God Punishes Bad Children” – or, Why You Have Heart Disease

  The Myth of the “Hollywood Heart Attack”

  Does Surviving a Heart Attack Make You a Better Person? 

NOTE FROM CAROLYN: I wrote much more about these and other cardiac issues in my book, “A Woman’s Guide to Living with Heart Disease” . You can ask for it at your local library or favourite bookshop, or order it online (paperback, hardcover or e-book) at Amazon.  Or if you order it directly from my publisher, Johns Hopkins University Press (use the JHUP code HTWN), you will save 20% off the list price).