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♥  My posts picked up by MedPage Today‘s include:

♥  Heart Attack Symptoms in Women – In Their Own Words

♥  Patients Are Not to Blame for Miscommunication About Cardiac Stents

♥  Five Rules for Living Well with Chronic Illness

♥  Being a Patient is an Unforgettable Form of Medical Education

♥  What Patients With Heart Disease Can Learn From Cancer Patients

♥  The Power of Engaging Peer-to-Peer Health Care

♥  Physican Burnout: Don’t Blame the Patient


♥  My posts for the British Medical Journal (BMJ) include:

  Carolyn Thomas: Why Physicians Must Stop Saying: “We Are All Patients – BMJ

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  Carolyn Thomas: My Experience of Patient Peer Review BMJ

♥  Carolyn Thomas: Yet Another Cardiac Risk Calculator? BMJ

What I Wish I’d Known Before my Hospital Discharge – BMJ


.♥  My posts picked up by Better Health’s Grand Rounds include:

 Make Time Now, so You Can Have Time Later

♥ What We Can Learn About Medicine From Watching ‘Grey’s Anatomy’

♥  Should Heart Patients Make a Bucket List?

♥  It Wasn’t Heart Disease – But What Was It?

♥  Why We Keep Telling – and Re-Telling – Our Heart Attack Stories

♥  Surprising Trends in Women’s Heart Disease

♥  How Did This Heart Drug Get Approved In The First Place?

♥  How To Be a “Good” Patient


♥  My posts picked up by The Center for Advancing Health’s Prepared Patient® Forum  include:

♥  A Patient Responds to What ‘Experts’ Say About Patient Engagement

♥  Caring for the Whole Patient

♥ Confessions of a Non-Compliant Patient

♥  Is Your Doctor Paying Attention?

♥ “We are all patients.”  No, you’re not

♥  Medical Jargon: Do You Need a Translator?

♥ Looking for Meaning in a Meaningless Diagnosis

♥ Patient Engagement? How About Doctor Engagement?

♥ “Healthy Privilege: When You Just Can’t Imagine Being Sick

♥  When You Fear Being Labelled a “Difficult” Patient

♥  Study: “91% discharged from hospital without care plan”

 “I Care About You” – and Other Things to Say to Sick Friends

 Why You’ll Listen to Me – But Not to Your Doctor

♥  A Second Opinion from Dr. Google

♥  Do Patients Really Hear What Doctors Tell Them?

♥  Is it Post-Heart Attack Depression – or Just Feeling Sad?

♥  When Patients Demand Treatments That Won’t Work


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♥  My posts picked up by The Mighty include:

Reconsidering What ‘Returning to Normal’ Means in the Time of COVID-19 (orginally published here in my essay “When This is Over, Will It Be ‘Over’?”)

Navigating the Five Stages of Experiential Learning with Chronic Illness (originally published here in my essay “Experiential Learning: How Patients Go From Novice to Expert”)

♥  How Becoming Ill Is Like Moving to a Foreign Country – (originally published here in my essay “Welcome To Your New Country”)

Why Health Care Providers Shouldn’t Say “We Are All Patients” (originally published here in my essay “We Are All Patients. No, You’re Not”)

♥  Other published guest posts include:

Can Early Warning Symptoms Predict a Heart Attack? – MediaPlanet / Chatelaine

Patient Perspective: When Doctors Use Words That Hurt Cardiometabolic Chronicle (see pages 29-30)

When Physicians Have the Power to Sting or to Support – The Patient Revolution

“Experts by Experience”: A Compilation of Patient Stories e-book (my essay “Welcome To Your New Country” is on page 8) – Stanford University School of Medicine/ Inspire

Why Gender Matters When it Comes to Heart Disease World Heart Federation on World Heart Day 2015

How Women Can Tell if They’re Headed for a Heart Attack – World Heart Federation on World Heart Day 2015

♥  Welcome to Your New Country: A Heart Patient on her “Travels” With Heart Disease – Stanford School of Medicine SCOPE

♥  The Day I Made Peace with an Errant Organ

  Misdiagnosis: Is it What Doctors Think, or HOW They Think?

♥  When Drugs That Help Turn Into Drugs That Harm

♥  Why Does Your Arm Hurt During a Heart Attack?

  Heart Sisters: A Patient Voice in the Fight Against Heart Disease in Women

 10 Things I Didn’t Know About Angioplasty Until I Read This Book

♥  Self-Tracking, Skinny Jeans and ‘Stark Raving Narcissism’: When the Elephant in the Room Has No Smartphone

  Engaging Patients In Care Planning – What Providers Say And How They Say It Matters

♥  Patient Privacy, Modesty and Staff Burnout

♥  How To Turn A Condition Into a Disease by “Selling Sickness”

♥  Top 10 Tips on How to Treat Patients

♥  Experts: Why So Wrong So Often?

♥  “God Punishes Bad Children” – or, Why You Have Heart Disease

  The Myth of the “Hollywood Heart Attack”

  Does Surviving a Heart Attack Make You a Better Person? 

NOTE FROM CAROLYN: I wrote much more about these and other cardiac issues in my book, “A Woman’s Guide to Living with Heart Disease” . You can ask for it at your local library or favourite bookshop, or order it online (paperback, hardcover or e-book) at Amazon.  Or if you order it directly from my publisher, Johns Hopkins University Press (use the JHUP code HTWN), you will save 20% off the list price).