Why are heart patients who smoke leaving hospital still smoking?

by Carolyn Thomas @HeartSisters

If you ever needed a swift smack upside the head to convince you to finally stop smoking once and for all, you’d think that a heart attack would do it.

Hospitalized survivors, shocked and traumatized, are already lying there in the cardiac ward unable to light up, and certainly prohibited from smoking anywhere inside the hospital buildings. In some regions, smoking is even banned on hospital grounds, thus requiring a long walk clear across the street, if the patient is even mobile, with the attractive hospital gown flapping in the wind behind. These smokers are already well underway, whether they’d planned it or not, to quitting cold turkey. So why are they starting up again by the time they get home?

Are there any smokers alive out there who are not already aware that smoking is likely what landed them in that cardiac ward in the first place?  Just in case there are, here’s why smoking is so damaging to the heart:  Continue reading “Why are heart patients who smoke leaving hospital still smoking?”