One Grain More! Les Miz meets gluten-free


From the brilliant (and allergic) Michael Bihovsky comes this musical parody of Les Misérables on the plight of finding allergen-free food-like substitutes.

Since its release in July 2012, “One Grain More” has been hailed as “The funniest nutrition video ever made” and “…a must, must, must watch!”

So you must, must, must watch this now. Then send it to all your gluten-free friends . . .


Q: How have you managed this kind of allergic drama?


5 thoughts on “One Grain More! Les Miz meets gluten-free

    1. This IS a fun video. I am appalled at how many people think they have celiac disease and are on a gluten free diet. Those who really do have the condition must be shaking their heads in wonder. But if giving up grains, dairy, legumes and returning to a ‘cave man (sic)’ diet has a placebo effect of making folks feel better, then go for it! Moderation and eating a variety of foods seems to me to be the most sensible, but who knows?!

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