“Best narrative I have ever encountered on this topic”

Thanks to John Sawdon and his Cardiac Health Foundation of Canada colleagues for including this chapter-by-chapter overview of my new book in their Winter Bulletin.

Book Review for A Woman’s Guide to Living with Heart Disease

Written by Carolyn Thomas, a Canadian living in Victoria, B.C. and author of the blog Heart Sisters; foreword written by Martha Gulati, MD FACC, Chief of Cardiology, University of Arizona and Editor-in-Chief, CardioSmart – American College of Cardiology.  Published by Johns Hopkins University Press.

“Carolyn Thomas begins Chapter 1 with her very first heart attack symptoms and the decision to seek immediate medical help at the Emergency Department of her local hospital. She is misdiagnosed, however, with acid reflux and sent home.  This dramatic introduction is followed by what researchers tell us about women’s heart attack symptoms, and includes brief case studies of women who describe their own surprisingly varied heart attack symptoms. Continue reading ““Best narrative I have ever encountered on this topic””

Do you suffer from ‘kitchen illiteracy’?

by Carolyn Thomas  @HeartSisters

Two of our biggest heart disease risks are diabetes and obesity, and they happen to be two serious health crises in North America.  But according to Civil Eats, the roots of both diet-induced diseases may lie in a rarely publicized but even more pernicious epidemic: kitchen illiteracy.    Continue reading “Do you suffer from ‘kitchen illiteracy’?”

“Wouldn’t I be silly to make it myself?”

soup campbells vintage

by Carolyn Thomas  ♥  @HeartSisters

“Go to all that bother.. when Campbell’s is so homey and nourishing?  Not me!”

“When I was a little girl, I remember we always made our own vegetable soup.  Mother used to devote just hours to to it. But one day when she was rushed, she tried Campbell’s Vegetable Soup.  My dad’s not so easy to please, but he ate a bowlful, and then another.  Since then, Mother has served Campbell’s… and Dad’s been as pleased as a kid!

“I’m married now myself and — well, we young-marrieds all feel that same way.  I mean why bother to make vegetable soup when Campbell’s Vegetable Soup is so wonderful — a grand-tasting beef stock and all those 15 garden vegetables.  Why, every time I serve it, my husband says: ‘Gosh, darling, this is really swell!’  And what better music can a wife hear than that?  Now I ask you!”

After I picked myself off the floor where I’d fallen down laughing, I pondered what effect this magazine ad from the 1940s actually must have had on women who read it.  And for those concerned about heart health, the widespread marketing of highly processed, high-fat, high salt, low-fibre, mass produced industrial food was a grim development. Continue reading ““Wouldn’t I be silly to make it myself?””