Dr. Google in the E.R.

 by Carolyn Thomas  @HeartSisters    November 25, 2018

Once upon a time, whenever the good citizens of Belgium experienced puzzling symptoms (let’s say, “twitching eyelids”), they would turn to Dr. Google to find out what might be causing the symptoms. But the Belgian government, concerned about false and scary health information online, came up with a public awareness campaign that warned: “Don’t Google It. Check a reliable source!” This also included a referral link to a government health site that could help to correctly answer questions about twitching eyelids and several other health issues.

This campaign was what patient activist Dave de Bronkart (aka ePatient Dave) bluntly described at the time as spectacularly wrong, insulting, misinformed and wrong-headed. Continue reading “Dr. Google in the E.R.”

Why I decided to start loving my grey hair

by Carolyn Thomas  @HeartSisters

When I saw the finished product after a photographer took new head shots of me last September, my first horrified reaction was:

“Good grief!!

“Where did those wrinkles around my eyes come from?”

And no wonder.  Let’s face it: gravity is no friend to women of a certain age. Little jowly pouches begin to sag below what was once my strong jaw line. Eyelids droop inexplicably southward. And where once I could bounce a dime off each tricep now hangs delicately crepe paper-like flab. Continue reading “Why I decided to start loving my grey hair”

Seven tips from Dr. Oz to prevent a heart attack

dr. oz

UPDATE: June 16, 2016:   This 2009 post has been removed after I decided that I cannot in good conscience help in any way to promote physicians who recommend goofy therapies, remedies or unfortunate “miracle in a bottle!” cures (what the watchdog site Respectful Insolence has aptly described as “ranging from fairly pedestrian to pure quackery”).

To find out what Dr. Oz “evidence” is really all about, watch his compelling skewering at the hands of the astute U.S. Senator Claire McCaskill.