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How to be a “good” patient

9 Aug

by Carolyn Thomas     @HeartSisters

Here’s how to be a “GOOD PATIENT”:

  • Get sick (preferably with a short-term acute ailment).
  • Get an appointment to see your doctor.
  • Get diagnosed.
  • Get a prescription.
  • Get better.
  • Thank your brilliant doctor.

Now, here’s how to be a “DIFFICULT PATIENT”:

  • Contract a chronic, progressive illness.
  • Go see your doctor.
  • Get diagnosed.
  • Take your meds.
  • Get diagnosed with something different. Many, many times.
  • Take your new meds.
  • Keep going back, because symptoms keep getting worse.
  • Get more tests.
  • Take different meds.
  • Get referrals to specialists. Many, many times.
  • Get more tests, more meds and more invasive medical procedures.
  • Keep going back.

You get the picture . . .


© 2011 Carolyn Thomas  www.myheartsisters.org

NOTE FROM CAROLYN:  I included more about being a “good patient” in my book, A Woman’s Guide to Living with Heart Disease (Johns Hopkins University Press, November 2017).

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