How to have a waste-free festive family dinner this year

by Carolyn Thomas @HeartSisters

Since surviving a heart attack, I’m smugly happy to announce that my consumption of heart-healthy fruit and veggies has increased nicely.  I should preface that by explaining that I grew up in a Ukrainian family where we considered dill pickles to be a vegetable course.  So veggies are not my favourite food.

Sometimes, when shopping for that lovely fresh produce at the market, my “eyes are bigger than my stomach” – as my mother used to say – and the veggies at the very back of the produce crisper in the fridge can begin to resemble slimy, mushy compost instead of tonight’s dinner. My distress about this slime is why I like what Wasted Food blogger Jonathon Bloom is doing.  Continue reading “How to have a waste-free festive family dinner this year”