A kindergarten kid’s guide to heart disease

Ah, summertime.  And the livin’ is easy, according to Porgy and Bess – and to all school teachers.  I know you’re out there, you teachers, lolling in dappled-shade hammocks and enjoying those margaritas for the next month or so.  But here’s an early reminder for you teachers to consider when you go back to the classroom:  Heart Smart Kids.   It’s a unique and important program to help both teachers and parents educate children as young as five about the importance of good heart health.

It’s never too early for kidlets to start learning about our #1 health threat – especially since we know that up to 80% of heart disease is preventable, and that heart disease is 20-30 years in the making.  The Heart and Stroke Foundation of BC and Yukon has developed this fun way to inspire heart-healthy habits in our children and families. All program information is current and has been approved by Heart and Stroke Foundation experts for children in grades K-6.

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Visit the Heart & Stroke Foundation’s Kids & Teen Zone for free lesson plans, games and activities for children, parents and teachers, such as:

For Kids:

* Fun and Fitness: the Name of the Game

* Good Eats

* Have Fun Moving: get up and go

* Pumped Magazine for Kids

For Parents:

* Kid-Friendly Recipes

* Healthy Weights in Children

* Physical Activity for Children

* The Basic Principles of Healthy Eating

* Your Kids and Tobacco

For Teachers:

* 25 Heart Healthy Activities

* Heart-Healthy Kids Physical Activity Handbook

* Heart-Healthy Lesson Plans

* Heart Smart Kids™

* Jumping Into the Curriculum

* Play Skills: Heart Smart Family Activities

* Power Skills: Heart Smart Family Activities

* Skills Posters


  If you’re a teacher of K-6, you can also download free Project Heart lesson plans from the Texas Heart Institute to help your students learn about the heart.


2 thoughts on “A kindergarten kid’s guide to heart disease

  1. Sound like a great program and it’s even greater that it is targeting young children at the time they are forming their opinions about things that could impact them their whole life.

    Have you heard about a curriculum called HALO (Healthy Alternatives for Little Ones)? It is a supplemental curriculum that would go great with HeartSmartKids. Not only does it address the heart, but other vital inner organs and how to make healthy choices to protect these vital organs. Parents are encouraged to participate by doing activities with children at home also. Social and emotional developmental areas are also addressed in HALO. Go to HALO for KIDS to learn more about the curriculum and how you can order it ($429).


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