New ‘Heart Healthy Weight Plan’ wants 12 weeks of your life to gain new habits

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September always seems more like the New Year to me than January does.  Back to school, summer holidays over, signing up for new fall courses.  So just in time for the New Year, here’s a program to consider this month: it’s called the Healthy Weight Plan from Canada’s Heart and Stroke Foundation.  It offers 12 free weekly online sessions to guide you in making some heart-smart lifestyle changes to achieve and maintain a healthy weight.

This innovative new program includes:

  • interactive tools to track your progress such as food and physical activity diaries
  • recommendations regarding what and how much to eat, tailored to your profile and needs
  • behaviour modification tips that will help you recognize your food challenges and overcome them  

Susan Fyshe, registered dietitian and consultant on the HW Plan, says the benefit is that this tool is easy to use, accessible and teaches people to make the kind of sustainable longterm changes important for maintaining a healthy weight and lifestyle. “The tool really helps bring weight loss into the reality of our day-to-day lives,” she says.

The Heart & Stroke Foundation is a non-profit organization that began over 50 years ago with a group of visionary Canadian physicians and researchers who had a dream: to put heart health on the public agenda, to empower researchers to turn the tide on heart disease, and to raise funds needed to educate Canadians about their hearts. Last year, the H&SF launched a unique program to specifically target women’s education about heart disease: The Heart Truth. Find out more about the Foundation, or about how to register for this free Healthy Weight Plan.

Have you registered?  Come back  to share your comments here as you progress.

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One thought on “New ‘Heart Healthy Weight Plan’ wants 12 weeks of your life to gain new habits

  1. Just wanted to follow up on this post by letting you know that I DID register for this 12-week Heart and Stroke Foundation program last year after I read this article here, and thanks to the excellent info and support it offered, I not only lost weight but lost inches and felt fitter and more in shape than I have since my 30s.

    Can’t thank you enough for this this useful link.


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