Top 10 hazardous foods in your kitchen



‘Roundup Ready’ soybeans? Franken fats? High-pesticide oils? Food that’s the colour of Windex? Neurotoxic flavour enhancers?  Sounds like dinner to me. Retired dentist and healthy food advocate Dr. Susan Rubin rates the foods in our kitchens as fitting into one of four categories:

  • beneficial
  • useful
  • useless
  • hazardous

susan rubin photoDr. Rubin’s list of common but hazardous food ingredients is frightening – but required reading.  “Why do I use a strong word like hazardous?” she asks. “Because I remember the label on my mom’s cigarettes when I was a small child: The Surgeon General has determined that cigarette smoking may be hazardous to your health. If the food lobbies weren’t so rich and powerful, I bet you’d see warning labels like that on foods containing these ingredients! In my system, a food product is hazardous if it contains any hazardous ingredients.”  She urges a ‘zero tolerance’ policy on these.
Here’s the basic Top 10  list, but you must go immediately to her excellent website to learn more. 

Dr. Susan Rubin’s Top 10 Hazardous Foods You Won’t Find in My Kitchen

  1. Cottonseed oil
  2. Hydrogenated oils
  3. Soybean oils
  4. High-fructose corn syrup
  5. Artificial colours
  6. Artificial flavours
  7. Artificial sweeteners
  8. BHA/BHT
  9. MSG
  10. All other unpronounceable ingredients

susan rubin


Do you have a hazardous food to add to this list? 


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