“I started vomiting, and it turned out to be a heart attack”

Maxine Levy was a heart attack survivor at age 41. Now in excellent health, this bank executive from Springfield, New Jersey credits her angioplasty, medication and, most of all, her healthy lifestyle and commitment to regular exercise to living well with heart disease.

She tells women to be strong. If you feel you are having a heart attack, be your own advocate, as she illustrates in this video interview.  She also says:

“I firmly believe that I can attribute my prolonged good health now to my daily exercise routine. I’m up at 5 a.m. every weekday and working out on my elliptical for 40-45 minutes. On Sundays, I meet my girlfriends for a 4-mile walk in the park.  I consider this regimen as important as any medication. 

 “Fifteen years ago, when I had my heart attack, I doubted I would live to see my 5 year-old son’s bar mitzvah.  Today, I have lived to celebrate this event, his older brother’s wedding, and I firmly believe that I can live to dance at the  weddings of my yet unborn grandchildren.”

Maxine was taped at a New York City Heart Month media event organized by cardiologist Dr. Sharonne Hayes of Mayo Clinic.  Read more about this event in What Does A Girl Have To Do To Get Her Heart Attack Noticed?

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