Heart attack: “Brushing it off as if it were nothing!”


Just in time for Heart Month!  Watch this compelling little 7-minute film featuring Stanford University heart patients and staff, and then forward the link on to every woman you care about.


Starting now, commit to adding at least one heart-healthy new lifestyle change each day.



2 thoughts on “Heart attack: “Brushing it off as if it were nothing!”

  1. It happens to a younger population too so that’s where it is connected to the thinking that nothing really happened and it tells that our way of life needs to be changed, for the better and if possible. That’s what I get from this video and we need a way to have healthier and more fulfilling life in order to prevent any disease from happenning in the first place. But, we’re not living in the ideal world and we have to go to work, have some nice amount of stress there, eat whatever is available if we have time to eat at all, and keep up with all the bills and troubles at home. So, it can be quite hard to, for example, quit smoking and live healthy in such life I guess?


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