Get off that couch and “walk the heart walk”

heart walk

by Carolyn Thomas  @HeartSisters

Here’s my prediction for this infectiously upbeat Walk The Heart Walk song: the impressive lead vocal harmonies of Vanderbilt Heart & Vascular Institute’s cardiology fellow Dr. David Kim and 4th year med student Laura Tortora are so good that these folks just might have a real future in music (in case that medicine thing doesn’t work out!)

Let’s not forget their fellow Vanderbilt Heart Sounds musical group member, the fantastic cath lab CVT Scott Guyton either, and for that matter, the whole gang of Vanderbilt singers and musicians who put together this catchy earworm of a song.

Watch also for surprise cameo appearances by rockers/heart patients Billy Burnette and Edward King among other Vanderbilt-helped survivors throughout.

This infectious song is an original composition co-written by Vanderbilt Cardiac Surgery’s admin assistant Kurt Eger and cardiologist Dr. Mark Glazer. It was produced to promote the American Heart Association’s Nashville Heart Walk

Congrats to all on such a terrific musical production!

Hey – it’s Nashville, right?

NOTE FROM CAROLYN:  I wrote more on the importance of movement every day after a cardiac diagnosis in my book, A Woman’s Guide to Living with Heart Disease. You can ask for it at your local bookshop, or order it online (paperback, hardcover or e-book) at Amazon, or order it directly from my publisher, Johns Hopkins University Press (use their code HTWN to save 30% off the list price).

8 thoughts on “Get off that couch and “walk the heart walk”

  1. Dear Carolyn,
    I think you should definitely record this as a CD and send it out!!! What a great idea. I will make sure that “Mama Judith Westerfield” sees it as well.
    Love and appreciation, Peachy Keen, Laurie Fessler Westerfield, Jr.

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    1. Yes! Let’s pass this around to all our friends and family. We can get everybody off the couch with this song! 😉


  2. Carolyn,

    That was great fun to watch from the comfiness of my bed. I’ve finally made it back to walking 5,000 meters a day since my heart failure incident a few months back. Bittersweet memories of when RUNNING 5K was just a little something I did before work. I logged 20,000 steps a day or more back then – now maybe in a good week!

    Do we ever stop the comparison??

    Thanks for the chuckle!



    1. Hi JG – yes, eventually we DO stop comparing our pre- and post-event selves, in my experience. Before my heart attack, I used to run half-marathons. Now . . . never mind! But I walked 7,500 steps the other day and was absolutely chuffed with myself. Things change. That’s life.

      PS: I’ve watched this video a few times already (warning: it’s addictive!) and my only suggestion for improvement (in case you want to run this again for next year’s Heart Walk, Vanderbilt!) is to speed up the s-t-r-o-l-l-i-n-g pace of the singers/musicians as they amble leisurely up and down the hospital corridors. The song begs for a nice brisk heart-smart walk – in fact, it would be an awesome addition to an iPod playlist for outdoor walks!


      1. This was fantastic, and very impressive! I have just watched it 2 times and am still movin’ to the beat!

        I work with 18-21 year old dev. delayed students who know they should eat better and exercise more. Some really need to ‘watch ‘ their weight. I think they’d get a kick out of this presentation, and hopefully be influenced by it. We like to keep them ‘moving’!

        Way to go Team Cardiology! 🙂


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        1. Great idea showing this to your students, Elaine! I was even thinking of playing it halfway through my longer women’s heart health presentations, to get everybody in the audience standing up – and maybe marching on the spot! – for a little 4 minute exercise break!


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