“Let’s all be palm trees together” in facing COVID-19

A guest post this week from Walk With A Doc* – because this says what I’ve been trying to say about feeling helpless and worried during the COVID-19 viral outbreak.
Unprecedented suckiness going on right now, there is NO doubt.
We’re all seeing the same news and it’s shocking us all, every hour.
When things go sideways, it never hurts to receive a care package.
We tried to throw one together for you.     .

How soon are heart patients safely fit to fly?


by Carolyn Thomas    @HeartSisters

Five months after my heart attack, I boarded a plane from the West Coast bound for Rochester, Minnesota.  Considering that I’d suffered two terrifying cardiac events on another long flight just five months earlier made this trip just a wee bit scary for me.

Only the reality that I was headed to the world-famous Mayo Clinic helped to propel me onboard. I told myself that if anything happened to me and my heart during this flight, the board-certified cardiologists at the Mayo Women’s Heart Clinic would know exactly what to do for me. If I survived the flight, that is . . .            .      .  Continue reading “How soon are heart patients safely fit to fly?”