How working – and not working – affects heart disease risk

by Carolyn Thomas  ♥  @HeartSisters

I find myself in an uneasy position since I survived a heart attack. After a rewarding 35+ year high-profile career in the public relations field, I am no longer able to go to work because of ongoing debilitating symptoms of coronary microvascular disease.

I was in deep denial about this turn of events in the early months, desperate to return to the work I loved and to those I loved working with.

I felt even crazily hopeful that I might be somehow able to feel “normal” again if only I could just get back to my office.  Continue reading “How working – and not working – affects heart disease risk”

Why female shift workers may be at risk for heart disease

Here at the annual Canadian Cardiovascular Congress in beautiful Vancouver, we’ve learned some bad news about female shift workers.

As researcher Dr. Joan Tranmer – a former nurse herself with over 15 years of experience working rotating shifts –  told her conference audience:

“Women hospital staff working night shifts may be compromising their own health as they try to improve the health of patients.”   Continue reading “Why female shift workers may be at risk for heart disease”