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Did you hear this? Oatmeal is now your enemy

1 Jul

by Carolyn Thomas    @HeartSisters    July 1, 2018

Screen Shot 2018-06-25 at 7.49.53 PMDoctors, are you frustrated by failed attempts to convince your heart patients to follow your sound advice on lifestyle improvements? Are you exhausted from trying to figure out why they won’t stop eating junk and start eating heart-healthy foods just like you are recommending?

Stand back, please. I think I have finally figured out WHY YOUR PATIENTS WON’T LISTEN! Continue reading

My favourite brunch recipe for heart-healthy Blueberry Almond French Toast

26 Dec

by Carolyn Thomas  @HeartSisters

The best thing about this heart-smart brunch recipe for eight is that you make it the night before. Ten minutes of easy prep time, about eight hours of overnight sitting time in the fridge, and 50 minutes of baking time next morning, filling your kitchen with that irresistible vanilla-cinnamon aroma while you’re off showering and making coffee.

And did I mention that it also looks and tastes fabulously delicious? Perfect for feeding a crowd of hungry (slightly hungover) houseguests!  

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