Chicken nuggets: tasty treat, cardiac nightmare

Here’s a news flash for you.  Those deep-fried chicken nuggets your kids love have “minimal nutritional value”, according to a new investigation by Consumer Reports Health.  UK chef and food activist Jamie Oliver justifiably calls these chicken nuggets “fake food” – a creepy concoction of mechanically processed carcass, chicken skin and bread crumbs. Watch Jamie explain to a group of school children just what’s inside chicken nuggets in this must-see two-minute video.

Whether purchased in frozen packages at the grocery store or hot from fast food chains like McDonald’s, chicken nuggets pack a wallop of coronary artery-damaging fat and sodium, Consumer Reports Health says in a news release about their study.  And the brand of nuggets that ranked lowest in fat and sodium ( ‘Health is Wealth’) rated dead last in taste.

What’s more, many brands make claims that are misleading, using terms like “whole grain,” “all natural,” or “organic” –  a trick that makes some people think of the little chicken bites as healthy dinner choices, the report says.   Continue reading “Chicken nuggets: tasty treat, cardiac nightmare”