How life’s worst tragedies turn into great speech material

by Carolyn Thomas

I discovered Toastmasters back in 1987 (insert eternal thanks here to my dear friend Peter Forster for dragging me as his guest, kicking and screaming, to my first meeting back then).  I’ve been practicing my public speaking/ listening/ thinking skills during our weekly club meetings every Thursday morning at 7 a.m. ever since, which tells you that Toastmasters is tons o’ fun.

Or, that I’m a slow learner.

A really useful Toastmasters tip that I learned over lo these many years has been how to decide on a really compelling speech topic, including this lesson:  “Life’s worst moments often make the best speech material”.

And that has never been more true than after I survived a heart attack.  Continue reading “How life’s worst tragedies turn into great speech material”