This is your body on flu

flu pigs cartoon

by Carolyn Thomas @HeartSisters

And speaking of the flu . . .   In case you need to be convinced to cough into your sleeve, watch this NPR film featuring the amazing medical animation talent of David Bolinski illustrating how influenza affects your body – and then forward this link to everybody you know. 

While you’re at it, consider NPR’s alternatives to shaking hands during the flu season too!

3 thoughts on “This is your body on flu

  1. I’m with you, honey! At my friend’s office in the cancer clinic where she works, each light switch and doorknob and toilet stall has a little sticker/sign above it that says something like “7,459 people have touched this so far!”. Yuck! Debit machines at stores/banks, elevator buttons = THE WORST. If your friends at work are coughing hard enough to need one of your cough drops, they should be at home keeping their hacking and sneezing viruses to themselves!


  2. Hi,
    After viewing this video, I have to say I don’t feel at all bad about being a Germaphobic!!! I refuse to use the pens in stores, I use paper towels to open any doors in public, and I will not shake hands with anyone.

    I became this way when I had Lyme Disease, and it never went away; since I have been stented, I have become a bit worse. When people are sick, I am not rude, but I let them know the dangers it could cause me, so I stay away from them. I also always have a drawer full of cough drops to give out in case they are needed by people at work.


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