What if other parts of life were like health care?


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Dr. Robert Lamberts is a doc whose Musings of a Distractible Mind: Thoughts of a Moderately Strange Primary Care Physician offers an insider’s view into the day-to-day life of a doctor who wears a size 10 1/2 shoe and does not like spinach.  What if, he wonders, other parts of our lives were run like our medical care is?  Starting from the time when school kids wake up in the morning, Dr. Lamberts and his distractible mind start musing:

“The first thing that happens in your day is that your alarm fails to go off,” he begins. “Although you have major things happening, nobody ever has explained to you exactly what you are supposed to do and when. You watch the morning TV show and it seems that some experts say you should go to school while others say you should avoid school at all cost.  You call a friend who says that she knows someone who went to school and it destroyed her liver.  Another friend goes to school every day and is just fine. 

“Confused, you turn to the Internet and go to a website that explains that you should base your schedule on the pattern of tea leaves in a cup.  This site claims that your normal schedule is actually fraught with secret appointments that will, unbeknownst to you, make you have cancer.  It states that those people in power are making you go through this dangerous school schedule so they can make money off of you.  They don’t care for you like the people who made this website (and for $400 you can have 6-months of magic tea leaves).

“Finally, you decide that you are going to go with the majority opinion and go to school.”

Get the idea? He goes on to compare other parts of our lives to health care.  For more amusing musings comparing health care to the school, the grocery store and the home, read the full essay on Dr. Lamberts’ always intriguing Musings Of A Distractible Mind blog.

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