The busy woman’s guide to surviving a cardiac event

Eliz Greene is a woman who knows what she’s talking about when she describes surviving a heart attack.  She was seven months pregnant with twins when she suffered a massive heart attack. Not only did she survive a ten-minute cardiac arrest, the caesarean delivery of her daughters and open heart surgery –  all on the same day! – she gained  new perspective and passion for life.

According to her website:

“Determined not to lose her newfound passion and to regain her health, Eliz developed strategies to fit activity and healthy habits into her life. She lost the more than 80 pounds she had gained while pregnant and has since become a recreational triathlete.

“No one wants to think about having a heart attack or stroke. It is scary. However, taking the time to think about what you would do in an emergency, knowing the signs, having the information you will need can help you survive and recover well.”

I think her Take Charge in the E.R. section is worth a look.  Eliz calls this list, “Tips For Getting The Treatment You Deserve”: 

1.  Say it loud and often: If you think you’re having a heart attack or stroke, say it and make sure you are given all tests to rule out the possibility before being sent home.

2.  Know where to go:  Know which hospital in your areas are the best stroke centre and which is best for heart care. (Where I live, our Royal Jubilee Hospital is renowned for its heart institute – if you show up at Victoria General Hospital instead with heart attack symptoms, you’ll have to be transported to RJH – meaning a dangerous waste of valuable time. That’s why it’s best to call 911 – the paramedics in the ambulance will know exactly where to take you).

3.  Demand a diagnosis and treatment plan before you leave the E.R:  (I wish I’d done this before I meekly agreed to be sent home in mid-heart attack with an acid reflux misdiagnosis!)  If you are still not completely convinced that this is not a cardiac event, ask for a second opinion from another doctor or specialist.

Eliz Greene is generously offering free downloads of her e-book The Busy Woman’s Guide to Surviving a Cardiac Emergency.

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2 thoughts on “The busy woman’s guide to surviving a cardiac event

  1. “Say it loud and often!” That is such good advice in the E.R. especially for women. What a great job are doing on this blog. Thank you Carolyn.


  2. Brilliant post, nicely done. And thanks for mentioning all that info – you have introduced to me to three new blogs and I love them all! Cheers 🙂


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