‘Heartbeats’ – free weekly heart health tips, plus a contest to win a VIP trip to Toronto

UPDATE: CONTEST DEADLINE TO WIN THAT TORONTO VIP TRIP for TWO HAS NOW PASSED – but you can still sign up to receive free weekly heart health tips, Heartbeats,  below! 
How are those New Year’s resolutions coming along so far? You know the ones – lose weight, get fit, quit smoking? Women in particular need to pay close attention to these resolutions, because heart disease and stroke are our leading causes of death.  Most women, however, believe that cardiovascular disease is a ‘man’s disease’, but in fact, it will kill more women than men this year.

To help you make those New Year’s resolutions stick throughout the year- and take care of your heart health – the Heart and Stroke Foundation offers Heartbeats. It provides a free year-long dose of weekly lifestyle tips designed to reduce women’s risk of heart disease and stroke all year long. Each tip is incremental and achievable for women of all health and fitness levels. If you incorporate each small improvement into your lifestyle every week, you’ll see your health and energy levels improve day by day. Tips can be delivered to you via text message, email or RSS.   

Canadian residents who signed up for Heartbeats by March 2nd were also entered to win a VIP trip for two to attend the celebrity-studded The Heart Truth Fashion Show at Toronto’s LG Fashion Week in March. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime chance to experience the true life of a fashionista next to the runway!

The lucky contest winner (could it be you?) will receive:
  •   a return flight for two to Toronto
  • two nights at a luxury hotel
  • spending money
  • two VIP tickets to The Heart Truth Fashion Show

Subscribe to Heartbeats here.  And learn more about The Heart Truth, the awareness campaign to help women recognize and manage their cardiovascular risks.

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5 thoughts on “‘Heartbeats’ – free weekly heart health tips, plus a contest to win a VIP trip to Toronto

  1. Hi Carolyn – I love this website!

    Just wanted to let you know that I signed up for Heartbeats and just love these regular reminders. My plan is that if I incorporate just one healthy change each and ever week, by the end of the year, my heart and my whole body will be much better off. Thanks for letting us know about this!


  2. Wow, so glad I found this! I would love to win a VIP trip to Toronto for Fashion Week. I subscribed to this today and was automatically entered in the heart & stroke foundation contest.

    Thanks so much for bringing this to our attention. I really love the work you do here to encourage awareness of heart disease for women.


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