When eating chocolate is the only right thing to do!

Does anybody remember this classic I Love Lucy episode in which Lucy and Ethel land jobs on the chocolate factory assembly line?  Sometimes ya gotta do what ya just gotta do. Thanks to Dr. Laura Imola of Niagara Falls for reminding me recently that laughing out loud is very good for our hearts.

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2 thoughts on “When eating chocolate is the only right thing to do!

  1. People comment regularly about my ability to laugh through all the setbacks I’ve had recently – the seemingly one thing after another events of my life. If I couldn’t laugh about all the curveballs, I’d spend all my days crying – and I just refuse to live my life that way.

    Thanks for sharing this video. It was one of my all time favorite scenes from the I Love Lucy show…and I really needed it this week! A toast to laughter…it really is my best medicine!

    Pamela Federline (WomenHeart Class 2010, Mayo Clinic)


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