Advice for heart patients too tired to do housework

“Always keep several get well cards on the mantle. So if unexpected guests arrive, they will think you’ve been sick and unable to clean.” 

Maxine © 1986  Shoebox Greetings


6 thoughts on “Advice for heart patients too tired to do housework

  1. The truth is this is cute but when you have a mountain of stuff to do in front of you and lots of house stuff to do it is not very funny. I did the same last week, I sat and cried with what I wanted to get done but cannot get myself up to doing it. I’m one month from surgery and I also have a lot of arthritis pain. Heart surgery doesn’t help that. I am hoping now that the holidays are over with I will be able to not be so tired and painful.
    Cheers, Rae


    1. Hi Rae – you are in VERY EARLY DAYS still. This is the post-op stage when all we want is to feel “normal” again, even when our bodies are clearly telling us to rest and recuperate instead. LISTEN TO YOUR BODY! – that “house stuff” will wait, believe me.
      Take it easy . . .


    1. So true! That’s why many of us need to be “sick” in order to feel like we’re off the hook. Nobody comes into a messy home and says “Boy, is HE a messy housekeeper!” right?


  2. Hi Carolyn,

    Normally ‘Maxine’ is really funny but not today, I trashed my house last week trying to finish out at work. My four day work week turned to six, but I finished, all that is left is to enter my grades on Monday and I’ve made it through another semester.

    I would laugh but looking at what I have to do makes me want to cry. The Holidays are right around the corner and I’ve yet to get started.



    1. Quick, Robin – just pull out a few ‘get well cards’ and line them up on the table!! Good luck this holiday season.


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