My blog post in the British Medical Journal!

Allow me to share with you this thrilling sight, dear heart sisters!  It’s the Twitter page of the British Medical Journal (BMJ) plus its Tweet about my BMJ blog post called Why Physicians Must Stop Saying: “We Are All Patients that was published today. 

A big “thank you” for this goes to Dave de Bronkart (some of you know him better as ePatient Dave). Dave is a sneaky sort of guy who, unbeknownst to me, sent the BMJ editors a link to my recent Heart Sisters post called “We Are All Patients.” No, You’re Not. The editors then contacted me to ask if I’d also write something for them, and here we are!

Can I just say – – – WOW!!      🙂


34 thoughts on “My blog post in the British Medical Journal!

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  2. Ha – you earned it! All I did was tell ’em about you.

    Seriously, the BMJ genuinely gets it. They’re forming a patient advisory board for their EDITORS (can you imagine JAMA or a cardiology journal doing that?) and a year ago they even invited me to submit an essay to their print edition on how the e-patient community helped save my life.

    The world of medicine and the culture of medicine are changing to better understand the role patients can play.

    You’re part of it. Rock on!


  3. Carolyn, you so deserve this recognition for the excellent work you do at spreading the news about women and heart disease.

    It’s been wonderful following and sharing your blog. Keep up the amazing work!


  4. Congrats, Carolyn! All your hard work is being noticed and appreciated all around the globe. Way to go, girl!


  5. Can I just say CONGRATULATIONS TO YOU?? ~~ SO proud and honored to know as an honorary sister of the Peachy Keen Junior Sisterhood of Good Health.

    I am sincerely thrilled for you Carolyn and it is so well deserved. We have ALWAYS known you rock, it’s about time you received nation-wide attention. Way to go!!! With love, Laurie Fessler aka Peachy Keen Junior


      1. Congratulations!!!! You deserve recognition from all over the world for your phenomenal contributions to health issues that affect both patients and health professionals alike! This is so fantastic!

        You are a great Canadian, health advocate, writer, researcher and social activist! Hooray for you!


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