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A solution in search of a problem

17 Mar

by Carolyn Thomas    @HeartSisters      March 17, 2019

I recently had the honour of being invited to speak to a university class of young students learning about chronic illness. (The word “young”, of course, is relative, since almost everybody on earth is now so much younger than I am). These students were absolutely terrific – enthusiastic, smart, full of questions and ideas about healthcare. But about halfway through our 3-hour class together, I began to observe a pattern in the way some of them approached their small group exercise assignment.  Continue reading

My debut on the national news

6 Jul

by Carolyn Thomas  @HeartSisters

It all started when I was contacted by Melanie Glanz, a television producer with CBC News from Toronto. She was working on a report about hospital food, she explained. Would I be willing to be interviewed for this news feature?

Hospital food?  I assured Melanie that I was not a dietitian or nutritionist or hospital administrator. Not an expert on hospital food at all – rather, more like just a mere victim.  But she persisted. She had read my blog article called Hospital Food: The Best Reason to Keep Your Heart Healthy and Avoid Hospitalization. And she told me she really needed a patient’s perspective on such an important topic.

I agreed, albeit a tad reluctantly. What was there to say, after all, about hospital food that hasn’t already been whined about by generations of patients?  “Hospital food is bad!”  After that, I didn’t think I’d have much else to say.  Continue reading

Hospital food: the best reason to keep your heart healthy and avoid hospitalization

12 Mar

The first real food served to me in the hospital’s Coronary Care Unit after my heart attack was a cold roast beef sandwich on doughy white bread.  I was surprised (red meat for a heart attack survivor?) but also hungry, so I managed to scarf it down.

In August, I was back in hospital for another cardiac procedure, and again my first meal was another sandwich: this time, a single unadorned, slimy, food-style processed cheese slice on that same doughy white bread.

This is what’s being served in a hospital cardiac unit? What are they thinking?  Continue reading