My favourite recipes for heart-healthy slow cooker dinners

slow cooker soup

Can you feel it?  The days are getting shorter, the leaves tinged with red, nippy early morning walks with the gloves on!  Cold weather is here, and that means hot, bubbly dinners cooking away all day in the slow cooker. If you haven’t discovered slow cookers yet ( …where have you been?) here are some fabulous recipes from Heart Healthy Living

These recipes include Classic French Dip (low fat and low cholesterol lean beef served on whole wheat baguettes), Sesame Ginger Turkey (only 222 calories per serving) and Chili Bean Stuffed Peppers (a vegetarian dish with only six heart-healthy ingredients that takes about half an hour to prep plus a whole day of bubbling away in the slow cooker while you are busy not thinking about dinner).

Throw together a crisp salad – and maybe my heart-smart chocolate fudge brownies for dessert – and you have an easy, delicious and healthy meal.

Want more heart-smart hits? Check out my other favourite heart-healthy recipes for:

Do you have a favourite heart-healthy slow cooker recipe to share?  

7 thoughts on “My favourite recipes for heart-healthy slow cooker dinners

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  2. Usually I always like everything which is very bad for your health, but these recipes are all delicious! ( and healthy! )


  3. You have just reminded me about how little I actually use that nice slow cooker that is lanquishing in my kitchen cupboard. Just a bit of prep first thing before work and as you say, you come home to that heavenly aroma filling the house by dinnertime. I’m inspired! Thanks = love your site and especially your ‘heart healthy’ recipe choices. More please!!!!!!!!!


  4. Thank you for this helpful link to a number of healthy slow cooker recipes. The slow cooker languishes in the cupboard too often!


  5. I love slow cookers especially at this time of the year. Just a bit of prep when you wake up in the morning, and then just “set it and forget it”. Thanks for these healthy recipes – so much of the slow cooker recipers I’ve found so far start with: “1 can of cream of mushroom soup”…..

    Please share more of these interesting heart=smart dishes with us, okay?

    Thanks ==== Kareen


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