Should you eat that bacon?

Bacon has been called the “gateway drug” that can entice mostly-vegetarians like me over to the dark side of meat-eating. But can there be anything good at all about eating bacon? This useful flowchart will help you decide.


Q:  Are you a bacon lover?


15 thoughts on “Should you eat that bacon?

  1. I’ve been a “more than mostly” vegetarian for six years, and while it always smells so good, I’ve managed to refrain. However, I did get suckered into the veggie bacon–it is NOT the same, and not awesome at all. 😉


    1. Hi Kerri – absolutely agree! Fake bacon (fake anything, really) is rarely worth it. Better to have the real (good!) stuff very rarely for a special treat.


  2. OH bacon, glorious bacon. I will admit that I do have it from time to time BUT I make sure it’s truly AWESOME bacon – all thick and delicious. No cheap bacon if I’m going to splurge.

    Btw – I’m hanging this chart on the refrigerator.


    1. You are SO right, Marisha – must be the very best quality bacon. I like to order it by the slice (3 per BLT) at my local little butcher shop. Useful rule: if you’re going to (rarely) have something with no redeeming nutritional value, at least make it the good stuff.


  3. I have not had Bacon in years!!! I was eating only chicken, My cardiologist wanted me to be a vegetarian, I can have fish. After reading the comments here, then thinking back to the few years of my life I ate meat I remember BLT’s, they were SO good! I have decided, this being a Holiday week, I’m going to be good to me, and have one, and NOT on wheat bread either, Nothing healthy on this except the lettuce! Happy Happy 4th of July …


    1. Well, and the tomato (so that’s two out of three ingredients, right?) Enjoy your 4th of July BLT, Selene! 🙂


  4. Carolyn, you are great. I am waiting for my homegrown tomatoes to ripen and then I will be buying my maple flavored bacon, which the smell drives my husband crazy (he actually does not like the smell) and I will be enjoying multiple tomato and bacon sandwiches. Even though I know I should not. May have to cut back this year or I will be the next cardiac patient.


    1. Hi Leslie,
      Indeed, moderation is the key here. But homegrown tomatoes! Wow, those make the best BLTs ever, especially if you add homegrown lettuce and freshly-made mayo (super easy in your blender) with lots of pepper. And if you bake your own multigrain bread, please invite me over to your place for that sandwich!


  5. It should be classified as a drug, this I agree. Even with several years of not eating bacon I can still remember the smell and flavor of it! So far I have stayed strong and haven’t given in to its delights =(


  6. Hilarious! But I must admit it wasn’t something we ate growing up so I never acquired a taste for it.

    Had a gal who worked for me in the old life that added crumbled bacon on her oatmeal and called it health food.


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