“It’s a girl!!”

Welcome to the world, my darling little grandbaby!  Everly Rose, born at 7:07 p.m. on May 7th, 2015 (which would have been my own mother’s birthday!)  Proud parents are Larissa and Randy – Mum and babe doing “FANTASTIC!”, says the new Daddy. 

Let the spoiling begin!

Everly Rose
Everly Rose napping with her Mum

♥  ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥ 

Q: Any words of grandmotherly advice for me?

UPDATE: Everly Rose makes her television debut at age 4 weeks (starting about 1:10)

And a few more photo updates as our girl grows . . .

We decorated Larissa and Randy’s house to help spread the news!


Tiny little feet . . .


So alert . . .


On my two-month birthday (notice the “Happy Birthday Peanut” cake)


Screen Shot 2015-07-07 at 7.15.33 PM

I love my Baba (grandmother!)


Screen Shot 2015-09-05 at 1.17.54 PM.png

Such a happy little girl!



Having a little chat with my Baba . .  .


Screen Shot 2015-12-25 at 7.12.25 AM
First Christmas!


Screen Shot 2016-04-25 at 6.33.59 AMJust lyin’ around on the living room floor . . . 


Rosie Munchkin 1 yr birthday pink dressOne year old already!


Screen Shot 2016-07-15 at 6.36.40 PM“I have six teeth now!” ~ on the beach at Black Creek with Mummy



Playing with my onion. . .


        Trying on Baba’s scarf


Feeding the ducks…


I love it when Daddy throws me high up in the sky at the annual Oak Bay Tea Party (age 2!)

Out for a walk in the Village



Baba getting me ready to go to daycare!


Screen Shot 2018-12-20 at 7.12.38 PM

Riding the carousel at the mall


Screen Shot 2019-05-04 at 5.50.38 PM.png

I’m four years old today! (with my Mummy’s homemade Pinata Cake!)


64 thoughts on ““It’s a girl!!”

  1. Congratulations to grandma. Becoming a grandma 11 years ago was very moving. My grandson has been such a funny and exhausting baby. It was not always easy with my daughter-in-law. She had such strict rules in her education, I could not see. In my home country, children grow up in total freedom. I gave her Alice Miller´s “The Drama of the Gifted Child” to read, but she did not even take it with her as they left. They live 600 km away from us.

    When they were here, I played with my grandson all my childhood play: hide-and-seek, ball play, cooking ‘witch’s soup’ of all things we could find in the garden, built snow castles and snow men etc. We loved it both. Since I have learned to leave my all-knowing education comments, everything is in butter.

    In your case it will be better, because daughters usually educate like they themselves were educated.

    Have a good time with Everly Rose.

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  2. Congrats on becoming a Baba, Carolyn! My suggestion is to do something I’m sure you’ll be doing anyway, live your values.

    Tell Everly Rose early on and frequently how important it is to take care of her health and her magnificent heart. Go for walks instead of sitting watching TV (you knew I’d say that, right?). Baked treats can be made over so that they’re not just sugar, and not a bad idea to move away from “food=love” in the first place. My own maternal grandmother was light years ahead of the times. She was Jazzercizing in the 1970’s and walking frequently and provided a role model to me that my wonderful, but uber sedentary parents just couldn’t provide.

    I am so very happy for you, Carolyn! Everly Rose is one lucky little girl!

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    1. Your grandmother sounds like a great role model. You brought up a unexpected advantage that those living with heart disease already have because we’re already seeking healthy lifestyle improvements in diet/exercise. Such good tips, Denise!


  3. Oh that’s fantastic and I love the name. Can’t wait to see her. Please give them all a big hug from me. Congratulations Baba. This will be a very special Mother’s Day for all of you. Take it from me, babies born in May are a pure delight! xo

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  4. Well, Baba…Congratulations and special blessings to you all on the arrival of your precious granddaughter. I’m sure Everly Rose will bring you much joy!

    Carol Connolly

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  5. Carolyn, what a joy!!! Grandchildren are a real blessing! Congratulations to the new parents and Gramma (or whatever your name will be) 🙂

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  6. I am so very happy for you, Carolyn! And what wonderful news! We have had 13 to love and cuddle and spoil (just a tad!) over the years and now the tables are turned….those who live close come over to just hang out or to help….and they love and cuddle & spoil me! Those who live along way away mange to get the love & spoiling by phone or text or visits up to help. I am so proud of them all, and it does my heart a world of good to be with them or hear from them….

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    1. Sunny, that is the best news ever – that these wonderful little munchkins grow up to “love and cuddle and spoil” you in return!! Grandkids have a unique relationship with their grandparents that seems to transcend the ones with their own parents!


  7. Congrats Carolyn, wonderful news!

    I must say, as a parent of young children who occasionally has mixed feelings about grandparental spoiling…I’d say let the loving begin!

    And yes, it’s wonderful to get some support when you’re the new parents and wondering what just hit you. (Kids are great, but wow what a transition in life!) I hope you get to spend lots of time w the little one, seeing them grow is a truly beautiful thing.

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    1. Thanks Dr. K – I too had very strict rules for my parents/in-laws when my two kidlets were little: no sugary snacks, nothing that would spoil their appetite for dinner, manners at all times (especially at Grandma’s house!) etc etc etc. We’ll see how I stick to those “rules” now…


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