When eating chocolate is the only right thing to do!

Does anybody remember this classic I Love Lucy episode in which Lucy and Ethel land jobs on the chocolate factory assembly line?  Sometimes ya gotta do what ya just gotta do. Thanks to Dr. Laura Imola of Niagara Falls for reminding me recently that laughing out loud is very good for our hearts.

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Resilience: it’s hard to feel like a victim when you’re laughing

by Carolyn Thomas    @HeartSisters

Somebody recently described my presentations on women’s heart disease as “part stand-up comedy and part serious cardiology talk!” I think she was right. I now believe, in fact, that some parts of my own heart attack story are downright hilarious. In hindsight, of course.

They weren’t one bit amusing when they were actually happening.

Authors Drs. Steven J. Wolin and Sybil Wolin would likely say that this ability to see humour in a catastrophic health crisis can be a key ingredient in healing resiliency. In their book The Resilient Self, they describe creativity and humour respectively in this way: “they turn nothing into something and something into nothing.”   Continue reading “Resilience: it’s hard to feel like a victim when you’re laughing”

You know you have heart disease when . . .

by Carolyn Thomas  @HeartSisters

Three years ago, I started this topic among my heart sisters over at Inspire’s WomenHeart online community.  My invitation to them was to complete this sentence: “You know you have heart disease when . . . “  It turned into one of the most popular posts on that site, drawing responses ranging from hilarious to poignant.

Here’s just a small sampling from these women who know how to walk the talk every day: Continue reading “You know you have heart disease when . . .”

Pam Peterson wonders: “Did I turn both of the burners off?”

“If I eat fish and do the crossword every day,” sings Pam Peterson, “Will those brain cells grow again?” Any woman of a certain age will laugh knowingly along with Pam in this hilarious “Memories” spoof. Pam, a fitness trainer and award-winning cabaret singer in Chicago, shines a wacky light at the problems some of us seem to have while watching our once-sharp memories evaporate. Do your heart some good and listen to Pam’s lovely voice and hilarious message.

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