Top 10 Tips on How To Treat Patients – my guest post on ‘Better Health’

This Heart Sisters original article was reprinted today as a guest post on the website BETTER HEALTH



An open letter to all hospital employees,

After a particularly bizarre experience undergoing a treadmill stress echocardiogram at your hospital recently, I decided to do something that I have never done before. I called the Cardiology Department manager to complain about her staff. Incidentally, a recent survey of international tourists found that Canadians were #1 in only one category:

“Least likely to complain when things go wrong”

So you can appreciate that lodging an official complaint is a fairly Big Deal up here!

In my best PR fashion, I told your Cardiology Department manager how distressing the appointment had been because of the behaviour of the two cardiac technicians in the room. It’s not so much that they were openly rude – but it was their insufferable lack of people skills that had pushed me over the edge.

No introductions, no eye contact, no consideration of how awkward this test can be, no explanation of the test procedures or even the flimsiest effort at polite conversation. To them, I was merely the 1 o’clock appointment, the obstacle between them and their next coffee break, just a piece of meat on a slab – but worse, an invisible piece of meat.

And by the way, next time I’m ordered to strip to the waist in front of a strange man, he’d better buy me dinner first.

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4 thoughts on “Top 10 Tips on How To Treat Patients – my guest post on ‘Better Health’

  1. Congratulations. This open letter is fantastic – could apply to every doctor’s office as well as hospital department staff too.


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