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Experiential learning: how patients go from novice to expert

Two big factors that can influence a patient’s loss of self

It’s official! Housework is bad for your heart

The Martha and Carolyn Show! Dr. Martha Gulati from the University of Arizona joined me for my annual Heart-Smart Women presentation on February 28, 2017


Please! No more bragging about mountain climbing!

A plea for the return of the classic bed jacket for patients

If you’re clueless and you know it. . .

Pain vs. suffering: why they’re not the same thing

The delayed ‘Trauma Drama’ of heart disease

MARCH 2017

Just living life. No awesomeness required.

My medical diagnosis means more to me than to you

Learning to live with the “infinite losses” of chronic illness

Women’s heart disease: underdiagnosed, or misdiagnosed?

APRIL 2017

When the woman who won’t call 911 is your mother

“Refrain from operating a chainsaw after your cardiac procedure”

The most dangerous type of coronary artery blockage

I need a nap!

Dear Cleveland Clinic: it’s food, not poison, for crying out loud!

MAY 2017

The ‘big disconnect’ in women’s heart health

A Mother’s Day without my mother

European women face the same cardiac gender bias that we do

Six lessons Emmi learned from her Hollywood Heart Attack

JUNE 2017

The Patient Dignity Question meets the “Care Effect”

“Never been sick in my life” – so how could she have a stroke?

Report card: my month of eating Mediterranean

Eight things you can stop apologizing for, starting today

JULY 2017

Excuse me while I bang my head against this wall

How soon are heart patients safely fit to drive?

First, there was compliance. Then, adherence. Now, concordance!

Premenopausal women and cardiac symptoms

How does it really feel to have a heart attack? Female survivors answer that question


Women’s early warning signs of a heart attack

Informed consent: more than just a patient’s signature

What’s your ‘being sick’ style?

Thoughts on returning to work if you’re a heart patient


A perfectly ordinary workday. Unless you’re the patient…

The shock – and ironic relief – of hearing a serious diagnosis

How implicit bias in medicine hurts women and minorities

Dear Carolyn: “I had both acid reflux and a heart attack at the same time!”


Life after heart attack if you’re a Type A

Dear Carolyn, “My husband’s heart attack was treated differently than mine”

Is coronary microvascular disease serious? Is the Pope Catholic?

A Woman’s Guide to Living With Heart Disease: my blog-turned-book project!


Living with both fibromyalgia and heart disease

When “nudging” doesn’t work to change patient behaviour

Do women need different treatment of coronary artery disease?

When are cardiologists going to start talking about depression?


Very different from other heart books”: my Q&A with Johns Hopkins University Press

How heart patients can untwist that twisted thinking

Oscillating narrative: the learned art of re-creating ourselves

The Christmas truce – 1914

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