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Is it enough to have “enough” women in cardiac studies?

A professor’s take on women’s heart disease

Post-stent chest pain

Four ways we use online info to make healthcare decisions

FEBRUARY 2020    It’s Heart Month!

Fun factoids about peppers, pigs and your heart

Cognitive dread: the painful uncertainty of waiting

Coronary stents: interventions that come with a cost

Stents vs. bypass surgery vs. TRUST

MARCH 2020

Signals, noise, context – and your doctor’s brain

Is it finally time to change the name ‘heart FAILURE’?

“Let’s all be palm trees together” in facing COVID-19

COVID-19: Can facts help to minimize fears?

Scary times: living with (but not IN) fear (COVID-19)

APRIL 2020

COVID-19 It’s okay not to feel “normal”

COVID-19  Empty beds: when heart patients are afraid to seek helps

COVID-19  When this is over, will it be “over”?

COVID-19  Unlikely companions: grief and gratitude

MAY 2020

COVID-19   Are we there yet? Are we there yet?

Dear Carolyn: “I went into labour during my heart attack”

COVID-19   The real reason we’re so tired of Zoom calls

COVID-19   The uncertainty of hitting that pandemic wall

Does COVID-19 cause carb cravings (or is it just me?)

JUNE 2020

“Crowds lead to more COVID-19 cases, but so will unabated racism”

When cancer treatment damages your heart

Does our narrative identity get better with age?

You can’t pace yourself – unless you plan to pace

JULY 2020

How to tell if you’re as indispensable as you think

“Stay home if you feel sick!” – and why we don’t do that

Eight questions from Nancy Stordahl about my blog

A patient, a caregiver and a doctor walk into a bar…


COVID-19 Productive uncertainty: beyond the sourdough

Post-heart attack: why we feel worse before we feel better

How kids cope when a parent has a heart attack

“The doctors want my symptoms but not my stories”

Is the practice of medicine making doctors sick?


The sudden death of an ex-husband

Being of sound mind: it’s time to update your will

Who will speak for you when you can’t?

Women’s heart disease: an awareness campaign fail?


The “handlebar gripping” cardiac symptom

How long does it take to heal from open heart surgery?

“Don’t lift anything heavier than a fork”: really bad advice after heart surgery

When a red dress just isn’t enough to raise awareness


Walking the tightrope:  women cardiologists in an old boys’ club

COVID-19  Pandemic decisions: Bailey’s, bubbles and bikes

The familiar self, the unfamiliar self and the recovery of self

On Call With Dr. Dave:  my interview about women & heart disease


COVID-19  Christmas lights amid the dark of COVID

All I want for Christmas is not in a gift box

Stroke survivor Sharon Dreher: “Don’t use a 1-10 pain scale on women who have delivered a baby”

COVID-19   Have I been a closet introvert all this time?

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