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Heart Sisters Posts From The Past


When are cardiologists going to start talking about depression?

Heart disease: women’s #1 cause of untimely death

Talking my language

Tell me a (heart attack) story

“Live a healthy life, then die quickly at 90″

Heart palpitations: what do they mean?

The myth of the menopause link


From heart-sick to heart-smart

Are you a mindful eater?

“She’s a fighter!” and other metaphors in medicine

Living with the “burden of treatment”

Bereavement Eating: does grief cause carb cravings?

Empathy 101: how to sound like you give a damn

Top 25 treatments for anxiety

MARCH 2013

Why “NO” is a complete sentence

Is it the flu or the common cold?

It lasts as long as it lasts

Have you ever been in Cahoots?

Just not listening – or “narrative incompetence”?

Stressed: who, me?

What your cardiologist (should have) learned last month

APRIL 2013

When routine tasks trigger heart symptoms

What if hospital staff could read our minds?

Patient engagement? How about doctor engagement?

‘Healthy Privilege’ – when you just can’t imagine being sick

Yentl Syndrome: cardiology’s gender gap is alive and well

When doctors use words that hurt

When heart patients meet the Black Swan

Emotional intelligence in health care relationships

MAY 2013

When survivors feel depressed instead of lucky

Happy 5th Heart-iversary to me!

Happy Nurses Week! A look back at nurses in 1950

Why I’m nothing like – yet just like – my mother

News flash: care improves when doctors consider the whole person

Design a beautiful day today

Dr. Barbara Keddy: “I was pitifully ignorant about heart disease”

There is no “Fair Fairy” in life

Things change – just more slowly than we’d like

JUNE 2013

One Grain More! Les Miz meets gluten-free

Two years spent connected to her “heart lifeline”

“To just be a person, and not a patient anymore”

Looking for meaning in a meaningless diagnosis

A “crazy-making vicious cycle of stress and discontent”

JULY 2013

The cure myth

Why does your arm hurt during a heart attack?

When you live with a serious illness – and a bad marriage

Why aren’t you wearing your medical I.D?


Why I decided to start loving my grey hair

Diagnosed with what? Brugada Syndrome?!

A cardiologist’s advice on how to use this “wonder drug”’

Unconscious bias: why women don’t get the same care men do


Discover. Join. Leave. The life cycle of online patient groups (1st of 3-part series)

30 little things about my invisible illness you may not know

Online patient groups: why so under-used? (2nd of 3-part series)

What really goes on in your friendly online patient group (3rd of 3-part series)

Medical jargon: do you need a translator?


A NOT-To-Do List for the chronically ill

The weirdness of Post-Heart Attack Stun

What heart patients want ICD makers to know

When patients are seen as “The Enemy”


Let’s make our day harder – not easier!

EECP therapy – and wearing fun socks

“I went from the driver’s seat of my life to the trunk”

“I’m getting old – but I’m not old yet”


Women, controversial statin guidelines, and common sense

Don’t touch those magazines in the waiting room

“We are all patients.” No, you’re not.

The Christmas truce – 1914

When chest pain is “just” costochondritis

A year in review: Top 10 Heart Sisters posts from 2013


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