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Heart Sisters Posts From The Past


How to stare down that plate of chocolate chip cookies

Misdiagnosis: the perils of “unwarranted certainty”

Take your pick: carrots, eggs or coffee beans?

Could heart disease have its roots in your mother’s womb?

Homicide in the E.R. – the tragic case of Beatrice Vance

If I’d had my heart attack decades ago . . .

Listen up, ladies: 16 things I’ve been meaning to tell you

MARCH 2012

Bereavement eating: does grief cause carb cravings?

Squishing, burning and implanting your heart troubles away

Too embarrassed to call 911 during a heart attack?

Would it kill you to treat your patients with respect?

Coronary Microvascular Disease: a “trash basket” diagnosis

The unforgettable diagnosis: “You’re having a heart attack!”

How a heart attack turned me into an “information flâneuse”

APRIL 2012

Coping with your partner’s ICD and heart disease

“Smile, Though Your Heart is Aching” – is fake smiling unhealthy?

A second opinion from Dr. Google

Why you’ll listen to me – but not to your doctor

Heart disease within “the comfort of denial”

What’s the single biggest health threat women face?

How runaway stress hurts your heart – and your brain

Are you reading this sitting down? Don’t!

MAY 2012

Taking aspirin at first sign of heart attack: good or bad advice?

Former BMJ editor: “Doctors are not interested in health”

A poem for heart attack survivors

A motherless Mother’s Day

Those curious cardiac enzymes

Khan Academy’s crash course on heart disease

Did you really need that coronary stent?

11 fascinating facts about your heart

JUNE 2012

Why aren’t more doctors like Dr. Bernard Lown?

A heart patient’s positive attitude: a “crazy, crazy idea”?

Jenni’s wise advice for your next hospital stay

Reliable health info from the ‘medically unqualified’?

Where’s the “survivorship” model for heart patients?

“Welcome to Holland!”

Avoiding avoidable care

JULY 2012

Should you eat that bacon?

My debut on the national news

A wife’s heart disease teaches her husband a big lesson

What sudden cardiac arrest looks like

No such thing as a “small” heart attack

How life’s worst tragedies turn into great speech material

Three types of heart happiness defined

How working – and not working – affects heart disease risk


A PhD from the U of Mom

When being married makes being sick worse

Finding the funny when the diagnosis isn’t

Misdiagnosed: women’s coronary microvascular and spasm pain

How hot weather hurts our hearts

ICD warning: defective ‘Riata’ defibrillator leads recalled

How women can tell if they are heading for a heart attack

Why doctors shouldn’t call it the “waiting” room


“School’s in!” every day for heart patients

30 little things about my invisible illness you may not know

My lowly beginnings as an empowered patient

“Is my bra too tight?” – a poem for heart patients

A heart film to watch before “Pinktober” arrives

World Heart Day: focus on women and children


Doctors who aren’t afraid of “Medical Googlers”

A rock drummer’s take on atrial fibrillation

When the elephant in the room has no smartphone

Get off that couch and “walk the heart walk”

Six steps to stop emotional eating

On being a (former) runner

Learning to love your heart bypass scar

Looking good for your doctor’s appointment: oui ou non?


Three women, one heart attack and a sound asleep husband

How can we get heart patients past the E.R. gatekeepers?

A doctor’s perspective: 10 worst hospital design features

How world-class health care works – or not

How do patients know if their docs “will never be good”?


10 things I didn’t know about angioplasty until I read this book

Making heart-healthy decisions: are you on autopilot?

Why don’t patients take their meds as prescribed?

25 tips to manage the crushing fatigue of heart disease

Live to 100? No thanks!

The Christmas truce – 1914

If December 25th is your birthday . . .

A year in review: top 10 Heart Sisters posts for 2012

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