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New Year’s resolutions for those who hate resolutions

Fewer lights/sirens when a woman heart patient is in the ambulance

Failure to inspire

Drawing a picture of your diagnosis


The dilemma of the death certificate

Is SCAD rare? Or just rarely diagnosed correctly?

Recuperation and a red leather chair

The heart patient’s not the only one in the room

When heart attack symptoms disappear – and then return

MARCH 2019

Why “Call me if you need help…” is not helpful

Dear Carolyn: “Adapting to adaptations?”

A solution in search of a problem

Why won’t doctors believe women?

MDs often tell women to lose weight rather than address cardiac risk factors

APRIL 2019

Women’s heart health: why it’s NOT a zero sum game

The science of safety – and your local hospital

Auricular amputations in confectionary rabbits (or, do you eat the chocolate bunny ears first?)

The chest pain / panic connection

MAY 2019

Heading home tips following open heart surgery

A Mother’s Day without my mother

This is NOT what a woman’s heart attack looks like

Yentl’s bikini: Dr. Martha Gulati on women’s most deadly heart attacks

JUNE 2019

Denial? Or doctorly deference?

Fun facts about my women’s heart blogA cardiologist’s own family calls 911 – but has to beg for help

When you ignore pain because you’re used to it…

Summer Book Sale!

Start a symptom journal, and solve a mystery

JULY 2019

“Brave men” and “emotional women”: gender bias and pain

The questions you don’t ask your doctor

“A Typical Heart” – this documentary film pulls no punches!

Who is in charge of you?

When women are far too busy to seek medical help


Scope creep: when NO means maybe, and maybe means YES

A Typical Heart” Film Screening/Panel Discussion September 7th

“Life is amazing. And then it’s awful…”

Choose your listeners carefully


Life before diagnosis: not as perfect as we recall?

The importance of planning for everyday joy

A tumor? In my heart?!?

Would you drive your car if its brakes were “failing”?

What heart patients can learn from Pinktober pinkwashing


The medical hierarchy shift

Why is it so hard for your doctor to apologize?

While we’re at it – and I am always at it…

The “new normal”: why patients hate it


30-Minute Heart Healthy Cookbook: a review

“There is no gender bias in medicine. Because I said so…”

Bed rest and other kinds of cardiac overtreatment

The ISCHEMIA study: “That blockage isn’t a time bomb in your chest”


Women’s cardiac care: how do you think we’re doing?

Dear Doctor – here’s why we need you on social media

The Grinch’s Guide to Women’s Heart Attacks (with apologies to Dr. Seuss)

The Christmas truce – 1914

Craving post-holiday solitude

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