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Heart Sisters Posts From The Past


Your health care decisions: don’t worry your pretty little head over them

What do you call your doctor?

Heart disease: not just a man’s disease anymore

Subscribe to ‘Heartbeats’ – and a chance to win a trip to Toronto

Ten things to say to a sick friend

Médecins sans Frontières at work in both Haiti and Chile

The ’18-Second Rule’: why your doctor missed your heart attack diagnosis

Can’t sleep? Feeling blue?  Seven things you should not do at 2 a.m!


Heart Sisters featured in Heart Month interview

WomenHeart: “Still gender disparities in treating women’s heart attacks”

12 heart attack symptoms you must never ignore

How the Bee Gees can save your life during a cardiac arrest

How does your province rank among heart-healthy Canadians?

Eggs: good or bad for heart health? Take this quiz!

How doctors discovered that women have heart attacks, too

MARCH 2010

Are you the quarterback of your heart health team?

‘Women Only’ cardiac rehab curbs depression for women heart attack survivors

Hospital Food: the best reason to keep your heart healthy and avoid hospitalization

Four minutes that will do your heart good

Michael Pollan’s ‘Food Rules to Eat By

How flexible work hours can lower your blood pressure

Mindless eating: why women eat even when we’re not hungry

APRIL 2010

“Take two aspirins and Tweet me in the morning!”

Warning: watching too much TV can be really, really bad for your heart

Inside your heart – as captured by National Geographic

Emotions of the wounded heart

How gender differences in heart attack treatment contribute to higher death rates for women

Women’s heart health advice: “Walk often, walk far!”

Why women can have heart attacks without having any coronary artery blockages

Simple new tool predicts how well you’ll do after being discharged from hospital

MAY 2010

Do you know this simple, safe way to limit the size of your heart attack?

Mayo Clinic’s ‘WomenHeart Science & Leadership Symposium’ featured in Time

Four questions about blood pressure you’ve always wanted to ask

How eating simple carbs raises heart risks for women – but not for men

Surviving the crisis: the first stage of heart attack recovery

Creating a coping strategy: the second stage of heart attack recovery

Handling the homecoming blues: the third stage of heart attack recovery

Learning to live with heart disease: the fourth stage of heart attack recovery

JUNE 2010


JULY 2010




How soon are heart patients safely fit to fly?

Is this a revolution in health care education?

My love-hate relationship with my little black box

Which one’s right? Eight ways that patients and families can view heart disease



Heart screening scans – or scams?

What women with heart disease can learn from “pinkwashing” this month

The new country called Heart Disease

Cats or dogs: which pet can help you avoid heart disease?

Thirty heart-healthy ways to love your veggies (and fruit!)

Is your doctor too cozy with Big Pharma?

How we adapt after a heart attack may depend on what we believe this diagnosis means

“Waking Up Is Hard To Do” – fun in the O.R!

When grief morphs into depression: five tips for coping with heart disease


Four ingredients in the heart patient’s recipe for stress

Top 10 Tips On How To Treat Patients – my guest post on “Better Health”

Vegetarian-friendly religions

Disregard that Cough CPR internet chain letter

How a woman’s heart is different from a man’s

How hearing the diagnosis can hurt worse than the heart attack

“Stress creep”: are you like the frog in the pot of boiling water?

Allergic reaction or heart attack: can you tell the difference?

“After The Diagnosis”: two books, same title, one hope


Denial and its deadly role in surviving a heart attack

Yes, Virginia, there is such a thing as a broken heart

Pregnancy complications strongly linked to heart disease

“Alcohol Helps Heart Bypass Patients!” Good news or bad reporting?

When your artery tears – “Spontaneous Coronary Artery Dissection

The Christmas Truce – 1914

The days are long, but the years are short: how being present can be good for your heart

Top 10 posts from Heart Sisters for 2010

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