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The Lancet: “A New Year’s message from 100 years ago”

“Catastrophizing”  – why we feel sicker than we are

The winter I lived on potatoes – and loved it!

Stupid things doctors say to heart patients

We survive – but do we ever recover from a heart attack?

Why we keep telling – and re-telling – our heart attack stories

Do you know the difference between V.T. and T.V?

Heart Sisters featured in More magazine’s February issue


The myth of the ‘Hollywood Heart Attack’ for women

Woman who couldn’t afford health insurance dies of heart attack

How much do you know about heart attacks? Take this quiz

Here’s your basic heart-smart grocery shopping list

When doctors become patients

Do you know the new 2011 heart health guidelines for women?

TV reporter Jennifer Donelan survives heart attack at age 36

MARCH 2011

How to communicate your heart symptoms to your doctor

Do you know what causes heart disease?

Pam Peterson wonders: “Did I turn both of the burners off?”

It wasn’t heart disease – but what was it?

Is Daylight Saving Time hurting your heart?

What does a girl have to do to get her heart attack noticed?

Too cold to walk today? Take a heart-smart mall walk!

Study: statins are over-prescribed for healthy adults

APRIL 2011

Are you too hard on yourself?

Heart disease: “You’ve come a long way, baby!” – or have you?

Cardiac nurse learns firsthand about women’s heart disease

Why are women with atrial fibrillation treated differently than men?

Are women being left behind in cardiac research?

Why taking a shower is so exhausting for heart attack survivors

Patient privacy, modesty, and staff burnout

MAY 2011

JUNE 2011
JULY 2011

“God punishes bad children!” – or, why you have heart disease

All the SCAD ladies, put your hands up!

Heart-healthy homemade ice cream – with just one ingredient!

How humour can help – or hurt – your heart disease recovery

Is cold water swimming okay for my heart?

In praise of solitude after a heart attack

A heart film to watch before the ‘Pink Season’ gets here

Does surviving a heart attack make you a better person?


“Gigi” – an E.R. doc’s warning to his residents

What your body fat really looks like

Advice for heart patients too tired to do housework

“Seeking Social Solace”:  why aren’t heart patients going online?

Pregnancy: the ultimate cardiac stress test

How to have a waste-free festive family dinner this year

The lost art of common courtesy in medicine

Year in review: Top 10 Heart Sisters posts in 2011


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NOTE FROM CAROLYN:  I wrote much more about these and other important topics in my book, “A Woman’s Guide to Living with Heart Disease”. You can ask for it at your local library or favourite bookshop, or order it online (paperback, hardcover or e-book) at Amazon – or order it directly from my publisher, Johns Hopkins University Press (use the code HTWN to save 30% off the list price).



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