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APRIL 2009

Heart attack? Who, me? Couldn’t be!

MAY 2009

JUNE 2009

Women fatally unaware of heart attack symptoms

Monday morning heart attacks

‘Time equals muscle’ for women’s heart attacks

Are you a priority in your own life?

Women & heart disease: obesity is contagious

Heart attack – or an attack of heartburn?

Is alcohol unsafe for all women?

Do low iron stores protect women against heart disease?

Women’s heart disease and chronic stress

Women’s top 10 health threats

Flossing, brushing and heart disease

Mediterranean Diet – it’s all Greek to me

Meet the 2009 ‘Women’s Health Heroes

Poor marriage = poor heart health for women

JULY 2009

My cardiologist: “the devil himself”

Depressing news about depression and women’s heart disease

Health information online: how to tell the trash from the truth

The pain of angina comes in four flavours

If Disney ran your hospital: what would Mickey & Minnie do?

Sleep problems can mean heart problems for women

Female cardiologists chat about heart disease

Food trends: why we eat the way we do

An open letter to all hospital employees

Can exercise trigger a heart attack?

Heart-healthy living – on a budget

Women’s angina pain can be both physical and emotional

Women’s waist size predictive of heart disease

My favourite heart-healthy recipe

Even heart patients can learn to be optimists

Forget Type A:women’s heart disease risk higher for Type D personalities

In praise of afternoon naps

Deep thoughts about death and heart disease

Get over yourself: how to stop boring others with your heart attack story

A letter from your heart disease

“But you don’t look sick . . . ”

What overweight women may have in common with drug addicts

When you’re having a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day

Don’t eat any food you’ve ever seen advertised

Wanted: volunteers to eat chocolate every day for U.K. study

Tai chi for women’s heart health

Cardiovascular ‘shadow diseases’ – two ailments for the price of one

Young, pregnant – and a deadly heart condition

My favourite recipe for heart-healthy chocolate fudge brownies

Innocence lost: my life after a heart attack


Body fat: brown, white, visceral, belly, butt

A kindergarten kid’s guide to heart disease

Heart healthy eating advice from Uganda

My favourite recipe for Watermelon, Feta and Black Olive Salad

Doctors on the take: how to read the fine print in cardiac research studies

Is sudden cardiac arrest the same as a heart attack?

Five surprising myths about excess weight

Women’s cardiac care: is it gender difference or gender bias?

Enter this heart healthy recipe makeover contest

Why you should not ask: “How are you doing?”

How optimism can help your heart health

Is family stress hurting your heart?

Medical journalism watchdog slams cardiac ‘polypill’ news hype

How does it really feel to have a heart attack? Women survivors tell their stories

Why are heart patients who smoke going home from hospital still smoking?

Chocolate-covered bacon, and other ways to alter your brain chemistry

Bypassing bypass surgery by growing new arteries

What doctors really think about ‘Medical Googlers’

Medical ghostwriting scandal: doctors paid to sign their names to drug company lies

Finally!  Scientists describe what really causes women’s heart attacks!

De-junk your kitchen to start heart-healthy eating

Are ‘goodism’ and self-sacrifice linked to women’s heart disease?

Cardiologist’s plan: “Fat people need not apply for Cleveland Clinic jobs”

Not just for soldiers anymore: Post Taumatic Stress after a heart attack

Terrified of tofu?  Enjoy these non-meat alternatives you’ll love

Why you should have your heart attack in Canada

Biology or bias?  Women twice as likely to die after heart attack than men

What if everybody told the truth about medical ghostwriting?



Peripheral Artery Disease: women under-diagnosed

Heart Attack Grill: Over 350 lbs?  Eat free!

A tale of two women: how we react to a heart attack diagnosis

Free Heart-Healthy Weight Plan wants you for 12 weeks to change habits

New site launched: “The Ethical Nag: Marketing Ethics for the Easily Swayed

Cardiologist’s Response: Should I Take a Heart-Formulated Vitamin Supplement?

Are Chubby Thighs Good for Heart Health?

When I’m 64: aging and women’s heart disease

How that ache can signal undiagnosed depression

Why we don’t crave broccoli

Three-quarters of unused drugs are tossed out or flushed

Why wouldn’t you call 911 when heart attack symptoms strike?

Happiness flowchart

Visit the Medpedia Heart Disease Community

The fall of home cooking and the rise of heart disease

More women die of heart disease each year than men

Happy World Heart Day!

“Wouldn’t I Be Silly To Make It Myself?”

Doctors should start screening teenagers for heart disease risk factors

Artery-clogging trans fat banned in BC restaurants today

Top 10 hazardous foods you’ll never find in my kitchen



Top 10 hazardous foods you won’t find in my kitchen

One-minute quiz: women at risk for heart disease

What other diagnosis doubles your risk of heart attack?

How heart patients can avoid food poisoning by avoiding these foods entirely







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